The world of no good

wanna have a fun life, travel, and see different cultures.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I dream

I dream of a world,
with no hopes unbounded.
With fearless people,
and alarms unsounded.

I dream for sincerity,
and a depth of trust.
Cruelty unthought of
and lies laid to rust.

I dream of tomorrow,
as yesterday's new kind.
With renewed vigour,
and stable mind.

(Doubt has a place,
for sure, I say.
But courage unfettered,
is better, any day.)

I dream of thought,
as the new-age tool.
Which though long-known,
was left for the fool.

I dream of passion,
with resplendent magic.
A life without it
is all but tragic.

I dream of a return,
filled with hope and fire.
Without those dreams,
life feels dire.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poor little baby loo!

It never was loved, and used like all before,
to rid the little one's fears.
Yet, it was dumped in the memory store,
after the first two years.

I won't use you till you are clean,
But, I will return favours soon.
I will treat you like you've never been.
It is promised by the moon.

The day started with a misty dawn.
It awaited the promise of a clean bill.
The closet opened, the guts did fawn,
Alas! flushed with last night's fill.

It was tired, but hopeful, all the same;
it replenished itself, as it had to.
And today ended, but tomorrow never came.
Poor little baby loo!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


What are you thinking?
The transience of time in the crisp October air
I look out the window, I see but not feel

This town is grey, this town is sinking
You, me, us the blame unfair
Snow replaces leaves, the cold is all that's real

Count the milestones as you lay waiting
Where is my moment? How long will I be stuck on this penultimate stair?
The rain washes away the darkness, is this my sign to heal?

The year has been harsh, I've been in hiding
As the sun comes out and birds begin to chirp, I leave my lair
I gingerly step out on a cool April morning and announce "this is the moment to steal!"