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Sunday, October 11, 2009


What are you thinking?
The transience of time in the crisp October air
I look out the window, I see but not feel

This town is grey, this town is sinking
You, me, us the blame unfair
Snow replaces leaves, the cold is all that's real

Count the milestones as you lay waiting
Where is my moment? How long will I be stuck on this penultimate stair?
The rain washes away the darkness, is this my sign to heal?

The year has been harsh, I've been in hiding
As the sun comes out and birds begin to chirp, I leave my lair
I gingerly step out on a cool April morning and announce "this is the moment to steal!"


Blogger karthik durvasula said...

I see that I have inspired the poet in you. :p

what da macha! What's all this! You shouldn't write better poetry than me. No fair!

6:50 PM  

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