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Friday, August 14, 2009

In search of a new beginning!

Hello everyone! It has truly been a long time since I last blogged. I was just wondering what everyone's been upto.

Shitty got married, Ashwin and Rags are soon to follow in Dec./Jan. Mayank's been trying to call me for the last week, and somehow he finds the voicemail, and the two times I tried to call him up, I found an old german lady. In short, somehow, everyone's getting screwed over. lol!

Life's been weird. Interesting, but weird. I am having to push thru my usually spirit-less existence to force myself to do things that are totally out of character. And you know what?? It ain't half bad. I am getting to know myself very well. Loneliness does that to you. haha!

But, since I last messaged, I learnt a lot about linguistics, a lot about neuroscience, and a lot about lotsa unrelated things. I think I kinda like who I am becoming. When is the last time I said that?

I'm going to Michigan State Univ. for a one year stint as a faculty member there. Should be 'interesting'. When I went there, I had a lot of fun, but kinda missed not being with close ones.

Been playing tennis (with Naveen) in the last week. Was a lot of fun. Played after many years! I was surprised that my knees didn't give in. Far from being half-decent, but I have to say it was a welcome change to my otherwise sedentary way of life.

Federer just lost to Tsonga in the Rogers Cup. Was a little sad about it. he's just not the same anymore. :(.

This was sort of a boring post I guess, but hopefully more interesting stuff will follow soon!


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