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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I dream

I dream of a world,
with no hopes unbounded.
With fearless people,
and alarms unsounded.

I dream for sincerity,
and a depth of trust.
Cruelty unthought of
and lies laid to rust.

I dream of tomorrow,
as yesterday's new kind.
With renewed vigour,
and stable mind.

(Doubt has a place,
for sure, I say.
But courage unfettered,
is better, any day.)

I dream of thought,
as the new-age tool.
Which though long-known,
was left for the fool.

I dream of passion,
with resplendent magic.
A life without it
is all but tragic.

I dream of a return,
filled with hope and fire.
Without those dreams,
life feels dire.


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