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Sunday, May 08, 2005

20 questions

You can play 20Questions online. Only difference, the program does the guessing. I tried totally unrelated stuff like laptop, mongoose, cabinet - it got all three within 18 questions. Quite impressive. I remembering out-foxing the program a lot of times a couple of years back. Good to have a challenge for the evening. Here is the site:

No Pants Day

The first Friday of May is NO PANTS DAY! There is a site dedicated to it, Man, there is a day for almost everything!! Next, we will have an 'I will fart the whole day' day. We see tonnes of these 'XYZ days' - dunno who bothers celebrating. Oh yeah, today is 'Mother's' Day'! Guess, I should stop complaining and just have fun.

Another thing, I found a list of british words unknown/unfamiliar to travelling americans. Funny, i found so many words that were natural to me (and most indians, I guess). The one that caught my eye was 'dustbin'. Funny, I manage to elicit a laugh each time I say it here (the US). Another that has the same effect is 'letterbox'.