The world of no good

wanna have a fun life, travel, and see different cultures.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To my little cocorita

Cocorita, my little princess,
the petite bird in the skies.
Blithe and cute, and simply blessed,
a spirit that never dies.

Never shackled, never cringing,
one of varied hues.
Seldom ired, always singing
to pay your worldly dues.

Budgerigar, the english talk,
misses the lilt, you've had.
Now, there is the cage and lock,
it just makes me sad.

Fly free, feel the breeze,
let the wind kiss you.
Smile again, be a tease,
sing a song anew.

Tee Hee!

Run away!
Run away from the fears.
Live each day!
Live each day with the cheers.

Let nothing,
let nothing put you down.
Stop each thing,
Stop each thing that makes you frown.

Get a life,
Get a life, and be happy.
Rid your strife,
Rid you strife, and feel the glee.

It's a must,
Carpe Diem, said the wise.
Life is just
full of wonder and surprise.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What goes down, must come up!

When you hit the nadir, the apex called.
Said, I am sorry for being late.
You looked sad; you had surely bawled.
Ah, the twisted games of Fate!

You had dreams, but Fate caught 'em.
You lost a lot, but cheer up!
For, when you've hit rock bottom,
the only way is up!

Hope for better, dream for more,
think of that golden door;
the portal to your destiny,
and the happiness to be.


You want light and you want dark,
Yet you get "light", you lose the shield.
You get "dark", you lose the spark.
Damn the puzzle that just won't yield!

How do you choose, between the two?
What do you use, to end the blue?

Do you trust the feeling, and take a stride,
or trust the ken, and play it safe?
Do you follow the desire deep inside,
or dog the truth, and let it chafe?

Damn the dread, damn these choices!
Damn your head, with its million voices!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Mountains form, and ages pass by,
every man has questioned, out of doubt or fear,
"what's the purpose?" or just "why?"
Still unanswered; not even near.

What's right? And what's wrong?
What's fair? And what's unfair?
You may ask your whole life long,
yet, who knows! and why do you care!

The pragmatist reflects, why ask!
The dreamer rebuts, you have no heart!
Let's just live, that's the task,
is the answer of a simple lark.

The questions consume, the questions remain,
Why uncover questions, with no use?
Mother nature! such deceit, such legerdemain!
why allow men such mental abuse?

More like an onion, with every skin I peel.
Kipling and Tagore, you may stir in your graves.
But, the deeper I dig, the shallower I feel;
this world was never for the braves.

Many will come, and many will go,
but the questions stay; they never die.
The choices you make are yours to keep,
There are no answers, I won't lie.