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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Travelogue II

Have tonnes to report, but fear won't rememeber to post more than a few lines - damn my memory!!

well, lemme start at least.

the last I posted, think it was from Jakarta (it was in a hurry i remember). long story short - jakarta was cool. nothing fascinating happened there except that i bought a digicam - thought was going to the villages needed somethign to take pics with - my sketches being of the high quality they are and all.

now, Jambi. that is where i am right now baby. before we go any further. i remember reading a lot of 'expedition' stories about how those great adventurers went around to the jungles in search for societies untouched by modernisation. lemme me tell u one thing about all those stories. i clearly remember thinking about this after a day's stay in Jambi (3 days back). I wondered why none of those fantastic stories talked about shitting and cleaning up in those 'amazing places' (note, i had the world's biggest urge to shit at that time, hence the train of thought). anyhow, i can tell u now why they never mention work in the toilet in all those amazing stories - cos it just ain't pretty to talk about!! expecially rural style -desperately looking for water - squatting and lunging here and there!

always told people that i learnt nothing during my undergrad - just made good friends and 'lounged'. man, how much more wrong could i be!!! VIT taught me life skills! those first few arduous hours in the toilet taught me the delicate art of squat-balancing, those cold nights in the summers taught me how to have cold-water baths and still come out happy. those hours of washing dirty clothes have taught me how to keep my undies from turning into door mats, and how can u forget the insect-filled sambar and rasam - the 'different strata of the septic tank' theory that we so fearlessly accepted as a part of our lives. yes, dudes!! i learnt something in VIT, and now i know what!!

went to a couple of villages yesterday and today. trust me when i say i was a hit:). haha. will post lotsa pics (and maybe videos on my website) when i get back. cool houses and stuff (on stilts...). i dunno if i should thank that i am as tall as i am or not. cos many saw me and were stunned and then started laughing wheneer i did anything. i laughed back; that made them laugh more:). had fun. if i go back there 10 years later there will be legends about how a gentle indian giant once came by and talked with all of them in broken indonesian lol.

went across a river by boat to a village today (village = tanjung-raden). was fun. then travelled by a 'motorcycle-taxi' (called ojek here)from the river-port to the village. kinda cool.

overall, has been fun. just realised i am gonna spend new years eve all alone in a country i dunno. felt bad for a few minutes, then thought, what the heck, it's an experience.

planning to go to bali sometime. lemme see. not sure yet. don't think it will work out. but, more impossible things have happened before, so i am hopeful.

had a taste of cinnamon-filled tobacco made here in Jambi. weird. sweet tobacco, that is a first. but, was fun.

too all of u, Happy New Year. may the new year renew the vigour in you to be something more than just a squatter in a poophouse.

till later...


Blogger pagala'k' said...

When you talk about shit, it reminds of something you did. Okay something that you didnt actually intend to do but somehow things came out that particular way...:D

8:57 AM  
Blogger optical dillusion said...

and a happy poopy new year to you too. me and jaks squatted and pooped in the mountains of himachal pradesh. the trick is to find the ideal "moisture quotient" for your toilet paper.

evian water anybody?

10:36 PM  
Blogger ahiri said...

Happy New year ...

1:02 AM  
Blogger majanx said...

Great series of posts these. Love them.

4:46 AM  
Blogger ahiri said...

hehhe yes noticed all the comments !!
this travelogue series is supero !!
make sure to pick up(native/inland)music also from different places you visit ...
waiting to see pictures of diff places !

7:50 PM  
Blogger nithyananda said...

hmm..VIT taught u the tricks on life-survival dude! Dont ever underestimate the powers that u've learnt the years :)

Anyways Happy nu year to u buddy!!! Have a Wiping of a New year ;)

4:21 PM  
Blogger pagala'k' said...

have you stopped travelling?

10:10 PM  
Blogger raghav said...

you have quite a fan-club in da atl now. we all love the travelogues.


12:01 PM  

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