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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

News, events, and stuff like that

In Jakarta right now. Nice place, this. a crazy mix of Chennai and NYC. lol. the business district has the fanciest buildings ever, but the roads still remind me of chennai. really crazy place. has to be seen to be believed. oh yeah, they have a LOT of freaking traffic. Not a joke. getting around is a problem at all times of the day. the 'off-peak' hours are like the peak hours in Chennai. freaking mad-house.

Will go to the villages soon. more specifically, a place called Dusun Dalam - need to go upriver (Batanghari) in Sumatra, 20 hour river ride in a boat (If i choose to do it that way) or a 4-5 hour car drive. Think will return downstream in a boat. lessee. hehe. heard the river is as noisy as hell. don't want to hurt my ears while going to the place - after all i need to HEAR what i am 'collecting'.

might go to a (open-)museum of sorts on saturday. this place has houses form different parts of indonesia - some kind of reserve or something. lessee. might take some pics and post.

nothing else about indonesia. now, about things happening in India, Anirban got a job with IBM for 50ka month. Way to go fatty (i don't mean u ashwin). do send him ur congratulations, all of u.

till later....


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