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Friday, July 22, 2005

Typos are a man's best friend

I recently emailed a couple of classmates a 'hi email'. I typoed big time. I started the letter with

Hi Sac.

Now, one of the recipients (with a keen eye, and an excellent sense of humour) mailed back

you know, that means something in English.

haha. I saw my own letter, and burst out laughing. I mailed him back saying it was super funny, and (I think) acknowledging that even the best had slips. Now, he being a good sport emailed back recounting one of HIS recent emailing debacles.

He presented a paper last week, and emailed the conference director
a few days before the conference asking him a few questions about the conference. He ran a spell-check for typos, and then emailed it. He got a reply with all his doubts answered and a section of his (myfriend's) letter highlighted with the comment (from the conf. director) to the effect of

we are, too.

The highlighted words from my friend's letter were

I am sorry for the incontinence!

I read the guy's confession, and I swear, I never laughed so much for a typo. It should be in the typo hall of fame. Adding to the humour is that I typoed 'sac' and he 'incontinence'.


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