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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Troubles, worries...

I am jealous! Terribly jealous of a dear friend's success. Ever had that feeling? Well, if u are me, u will have it all the time. But this time, it is justified. This friend Kumar has a blog, and it is doing smashing well. The idiot's got stories and romantic comedies and stuff posted, and all i have is crap about crap that no one cares a crap about. Now, tell me isn't that a position that would make the noblest minds jealous?

To worsen it, i have weird human ideas to battle - not mine, others'. Think about it. i am a funny man (u will vouch for that, I am sure), but if i even attempt writing a comedy at this stage, i have so many hurdles to cross.

If i write a crappy story, immediately people (you fake friends!!) will say 'You copied kumar, but are useless, so of course the stories came out like crap'!

If the story is good, then i get, 'You copied kumar, but why read yours if there is nothing new on offer'.

And, if the story is great, then i get, 'You are a great writer though you were inspired but kumar. And you are so much better then kumar'. Then Kumar will say 'Ass, you copied me. what a cheapskate. hope u go to hell, you backstabber'.

And finally, if i choose not to write a story, I will writhe with justified (as i have clearly shown before) anguish.

You see! No matter what I do, I am bound to be troubled! Such is my life. Hmmpf! And you worry about urs, daily!


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