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Monday, July 04, 2005

Come on, Georgie Porgie!!

'We know that the best way to honour the lives that have been given in this struggle is to complete the mission, so we will stay in the fight until the fight is won'
- George Bush, July 2, 2005, (weekly radio address marking the 4th July holiday)

Come on georgie!! Is that the only argument left for u to use? What happened to WMD and freedom and the other stuff you talked about? oh, oh, I forgot, you don't beeeive them yourself! Lessee,

Q: Does the US have WMD?
A: yes.

Q: Does the US have the freedom Georgie talked about for a long time?
A: Not exactly. Corporate America does, not the common man.

Q: Which is the only country to actually use a nuke-bomb in war?
A: I know, I know! The greatest country on Earth, the champion of liberty. The US of A.

No wonder the change in words! Georgie is no hypocrite (anymore).

I thought the dead (martyred??) soldiers fought for peace/freedom of Iraq. Don't you all think they would be happier in heaven/hell (as the case may be) knowing they achieved peace and not a never-ending saga of bloodshed?

What does America have to do for peace/freedom in Iraq? Not a toughie. I will leave the answer for you to figure out.


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