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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stand-up New York

Was in New York a week back. Had a blast. And my pocket's got a gaping hole, too. Manhattan is a million times more expensive than Dela-hella-no-ware - or more commonly known as Delaware - that tiny stub of a state between Maryland and Jersey (joysey for the italian New-Yorkers)

A must-do in NYC is an evening at one of the stand-up comedy clubs. Went to a place called 'Stand-up New York' - pretty far uptown (past Columbia). There were about 8 guys who did their routines there. And I swear, except for one lady, they were hilarious.

Sadly, can't remember the jokes. But, i guess their art lay in their delivery and not all was in the content.

I wish I lived in NYC. The friend who took me to the club is a regular there. Oh, how I envy him!

My next trip to NYC will have to include checking out the jazz-bars. Another long-dreamt dream(?!). Actually, I am sure Philly has a good selection of jazz-bars too, and it is closer to home (dela-hella...). Have to get there!


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