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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Du Arschloch!!

Manka (mayank) had an interesting conversation just now - found it funny. Read it.

(Note, the chat actually started this way, so u can say these were our 'hellos'. lol)

maniac12_82: du arschloch
karthikdurvasula: ur asshole too
maniac12_82: seems like ur well versed with 'imp' german words
maniac12_82: *shakes his head in disgust*
karthikdurvasula: what
karthikdurvasula: it means asshole ??
karthikdurvasula: haha
karthikdurvasula: i thought i was joking
karthikdurvasula: it just looked a lot like 'asshole'
karthikdurvasula: so i said asshole
maniac12_82: *not humoured*
maniac12_82: hmm
karthikdurvasula: *screw u*
maniac12_82: *more looks of contempt*
karthikdurvasula: wassup?
karthikdurvasula: so, tell me
karthikdurvasula: it really means asshole huh?
maniac12_82: ya
maniac12_82: arsch= ass
karthikdurvasula: hahaha
maniac12_82: loch = hole
karthikdurvasula: haha


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