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Monday, August 08, 2005


Just found out something cool about India. We are world leaders in the producing the most 'unpoisonous' rice!! cool eh!

According to a recent Indian rice had the lowest arsenic content, and (predictably) U.S. rice had the highest! (LINK)

Interestingly, rice is the staple diet of about 65% of the indian population (LINK). And U.P. and West Bengal are amongst the leading producers (alongwith T.N., A.P....) (LINK). It is surprising cos I have heard many people say that rice is eaten mainly by south indians - and infact ridicule 'madrasis' for it. Guess the facts are different from what people claim.

So, that is another thing to be proud of. In fact, I just realised that we the world leaders in yet another field! We do, believe it or not, have the most indians!! Incredible isn't it!


Blogger PS said...

Dude, you are mostus amazingus!!!

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