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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cricket aussie style

The second Ashes test just ended (an hour back). What can i say! It was the best test, nay, the best match i ever watched.

I started watching the second test, hoping England would win it. Didn't like the '5-0 victory' that Ponting boasted about. And i told myself, 'these arrogant @!$#$@ need to be taugh a lesson'. And thru-out the test I cheered the English team, and was ecstatic when they were just 2 wickets away from victory at the close of the day's play, last night. With about a hundred runs to get, I thought the game was all but over, and to top it, i saw the result to be 'just' - for all the australian boasting!

Today, with the excitement of having two important matches to watch, i was undecided on which one to concentrate, so chose to flip-flop between the two.

I flipped the channel to Fox Sports about 20 mins after the start of play, and expected England to be rejoicing in their massive victory, and what did I see? Shane Warne blasting everything that came his way. Another 10-15 mins I saw the fall of the smasher on around 55. Then came in the 'master-batsman' Michael Kasprowicz - trust me, i was making fun of his batting skills! He and that brett lee guy hung on like nobody's business man. Granted the english bowling today was pretty patchy, even then, it was the freaking 10th and 11th man there!

The two inched towards the mark -
at 50 short of target, I laughed at the impossibility of the task;
at 40 off target, I thought, 'well they've had their fun, time to go home now';
at 30 off, I thought, 'ok enough, finish em';
at 20 off, I thought, 'whoa, these guys are good! no wonder they have so much pride (vanity??)';
at ‘t minus 15’, I didn't know who was going to win - the momentum was with the australians, but i told myself, 'come on man, this it the 10th wicket partnership! anything can happen'.
6 off, I was like 'oh my god, a 6 away!'. Then started the only 'good bowling' i saw from the english side the whole day - right outside the offstump tempting them to play. and I thought 'too late, what's the use now!'.
4 to target, 'Just a freaking 4 away!'.
2 off, 'hmmppf they did it - the aussie asses did it - but they thoroughly deserved it.'.
And then a bad bouncer, pitched on middle and leg, grazes brett lee's arm and the keeper dives to his left, takes a great catch.

'It is all over. England have won the test match!' was blaring in the background. I leapt out to party (after all i did want England to win) in fact, jumped around for a full 5 mins. And then said, 'those aussies are good, really good!'


Blogger PS said...

I am sure Warne and Lee must have gotten as far as they did because they must have talked and talked and talked and bored the pants off the Brits. Man that's how they normally win.. with their mouths :)... It's just not cricket.

Personally, I think they are cheats who will stop at nothing. Imagine... personal insults!!!

3:09 AM  
Blogger majanx said...

'...bored the pants off the Brits.'. If the Brits got bored, it just shows their commitment to the game.
What matters is that Aussies win, and thats why they are the best, and have been so for more than a decade now. With their show in the last match, they proved their mettle for the infiniteth time. The British(Bull)Dog(s) can celebrate their 2 (!!!) run victory for the next 5 ashes series. Thats all that they'll get.

3:53 AM  
Blogger karthik durvasula said...

@ both PS and Mayank: OK, classic case of not knowing the facts!!

First, to PS. Trust me. The Brits weren't bored. They were dying to contain the aussies. In, the last session, the aussies were scoring almost a-run-a-ball!! In spite of having 2 wickets to defend at the start of play!!

Now, at Mayank, about showing no commitment. You obviously haven't seen the match. The brits were jumping around like maniacs trying to stop the runs. But, had to have an attacking field to try and finish it off. So, had 3-4 slips!! that is why there were so many runs scored - cos there were too many gaps to plug in the field.

Both of u seem to be too excited (bigoted?) to realise that the match was a real classic!

As for mouthing obscenities - don't see why isolate the aussies. U should have seen the India-W.Indies game yesterday. Thought it was far worse. Started wondering if it still had the right to be called a 'gentleman's game'.

4:09 AM  
Blogger karthik durvasula said...


1. Shane Warne made 42.
2. It was Kasprowicz who gloved it, not Lee.

6:19 AM  
Blogger nithyananda said...

well, if u thought the second test was interesting. u should have seen the third when the game's finest batsman McGrath stood for 10 full overs of the english bowlers.

12:07 PM  
Blogger karthik durvasula said...

actually, i did - all live and all wonly!!!

1:05 PM  

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