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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

pink flamingo

mayank: no its kanghi
Karthik: didn't know it was 'ghi' though
Karthik: thought it was gi
Karthik: south indian accents coming in the way,lol
mayank:blaady madrasi pfool
Karthik: u can hardly blame me in thinkin it is kangi!!
mayank: its IS your fault if ur defunkt S.I. ears cannot pick the difference
Karthik: lol
Karthik: why doesn't anyone make fun of the punjabis!!
Karthik: they are worse
Karthik: they say kar for ghar!!!
mayank: 'why doesn't anyone make fun of the punjabis?' !!! - bad question
mayank: EVERYONE makes pfun of them
Karthik: and why doesn't anyone make fun of allahabadis!!
mayank: i do
mayank: pfun
mayank: pfool
Karthik: why doesn't anyone make fun of mayank jain
mayank: because he's the won-yand-wonly
mayank: oh, this is funny
Karthik: it is funny only if ur name is pink flamingo!


Anonymous Jigar said...

And there you I find Mayank Jain and Karthik(or ..tik) Durvasula....bloggin over da net.....hahaha....this is Jigar....dont know if ya guyz still remember...lolz

3:28 AM  

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